For over 90 years, H.M. Royal, Inc., headquartered in Trenton, NJ and Buena Park, CA, has distributed innovative raw materials and product ingredients for businesses operating in diverse markets such as transportation, communications, electronics, medical, construction, agricultural, mining, defense, civil infrastructure, capital goods and general industry.

With areas of focus including rubber, plastics adhesives, sealant, and protective coatings, H.M. Royal leverages a great variability in sources and manufacturing locations of polymers through longstanding partnerships with suppliers across the globe.

Synthetic rubbers are highly versatile materials that are sought out for their elastic properties and their ability to withstand deformation under stress. Generally, these rubbers for compounding are used in industries ranging from aerospace to automotive for their extreme durability, elasticity, and chemical and temperature resistance. Common applications include automotive tubing, parts and seals, sports equipment, roofing, cabling insulation, footwear components, military and more.

Synthetic rubbers are typically used in the automotive industry for tires, doors, gaskets, and even flooring. With a range of physical and chemical properties that can improve the reliability of a given product or application, some synthetic rubbers are much more resistant to oxidizing agents which can prolong the life of products.

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