The historic Trenton Battle Monument is witnessing a revolutionary restoration and beautification right before our own eyes. Opened in 1893 at the beginning of the Grover Cleveland administration, the monument garnered support from the federal government as well as state appropriations. Legislators deemed the Battle of Trenton as a pivotal moment in the history of the United States. This same collaborative support from different levels of government was the catalyst for the beautification of this park.

On a pleasant morning this past June, state officials from the Department of Environmental Protection, city officials representing the previous administration and New Jersey Manufacturers, held a dynamic opening ceremony marking the beautification of the historic battle monument.

Mitch Livingston, New Jersey Manufacturers’ President and CEO, was the keynote speaker at the event. The moment was held in honor of the late Caren Franzini, whose dedication to Trenton was displayed by her spearheading the creation of Greater Trenton.

Caren’s family was represented at the opening event and John Franzini, husband of the late Caren Franzini, spoke at the conclusion of the ceremony. In addition to John, Caren’s children and sister attended in an emotional showing of support for Caren’s legacy. New Jersey Manufacturers donated $200,000 toward the beautification of the site and the NJDEP designated the site as one of the premier sites that they intend to allocate resources toward in the near future.

In recent weeks, curators of the site planted newly trimmed evergreen shrubbery and trees along the façade of the monument. The site is as inviting as it is historic – with the scenery plush with colors of verdant green and orange hues as autumn begins. With a pulse on the history that the monument holds for future generations, Trentonians and city enthusiasts appreciate the newly landscaped walkable pathways and inviting benches that are appropriate for lunchtime relaxation.

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