The city of Trenton is known for welcoming a vast array of cultures. Doing the same is Casa Blanca Restaurant and Bar located on 140 Washington Street.

Turning up the heat with splendid music and great food, Casa Blanca is introducing Hispanic unity to the city and its residents. Not conforming to a single type of culture or theme of the restaurant, Casa Blanca serves dishes that originate from five different cultures (Puerto Rican, Dominican, Mexican, Guatemalan, and Costa Rican). With the addition of the establishment’s extraordinary taste in diverse music, customers are sure to have a night of true enjoyment, satisfaction, and excitement.

Open seven days a week from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m., Casa Blanca is unique in its atmosphere, food, and special events. Quite new to Washington St., the restaurant is in a new space, providing visitors with a refreshing, modern nightclub feel. With its contemporary d├ęcor, strobe lights, and dance floor, customers are encouraged to delve in the music and dance all night long, or at least until 2:00 a.m.. Accompanying the energetic night scene of the establishment is its flavorful food, made fresh to order. Within the wide variety menu, are the restaurant’s house specialties such as Churrasco (grilled beef) and Arroz Casa Blanca (Rice Casa Blanca), a dish that includes yellow rice, lobster tail, muscles, and crab.

Diverse in their music and food, Casa Blanca also hosts different events to cater to the various desires of its customers. On Mondays and Wednesdays, the establishment hosts Karaoke Night, open to both the professionals and non-professionals of singing. On weekends, there are assorted DJ appearances and sometimes, there is even live music. Accompanying these events are also drink specialties available on select days.

For more information, check out Casa Blanca Restaurant and Bar on Instagram and Facebook (@CasaBlancaBar609), for daily updates regarding the menu, drink specialties, and events.

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