Yesterday’s Trenton Prevention Policy Board meeting, co-hosted by the State of New Jersey Office of the Governor and the Office of the Attorney General, provided an overview of goals from the leadership team and two world cafe sessions where members had an opportunity to share their thoughts in small groups.

“Education is the key,” said Mercer County Prosecutor Angelo J. Onofri. “President Kennedy always said that in times of trouble and turbulence, knowledge is power. The idea is to keep kids in school, but to keep them active after school.”

At the meeting, the group announced a new name for the initiative, Capital City Youth Violence Coalition (CCYVC), which better reflects its purpose and mission. A grassroots effort that aims to reduce juvenile delinquency and promote positive youth development, CCYVC consists of local stakeholders who gather to share their knowledge about policies, programs, services and best practices so they can make informed recommendations to municipal, county and state officials.

The CCYVC is co-chaired by Marygrace Billek, Director of Mercer County Department of Human Services, and Michael Nordquist, Executive Director of The College of New Jersey.

Supported by the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office of Community Justice and facilitated by The College of New Jersey’s Center For Community Engaged Learning & Research, CCYVC is part of a statewide effort known as the Municipal Policy Planning Board Initiative.

From left to right: Martha Davidson, Senior Director of Development and Communications, Trenton Health Team; Maria Richardson, Director of Recreation, Natural Resources & Culture, City of Trenton; and Sgt. Alexis Durlacher, QPA, Domestic Violence/Grant Manager/Procurement, Trenton Police Department

As part of the state-wide Municipal Planning Board initiative from the NJ Attorney General’s Office of Community Justice, CCYVC is one of 8 youth-focused policy boards in communities throughout New Jersey. Each board partners with local institutions of higher education to support this cross-cutting facilitative work. Click here to see a list of member organizations.

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