On Saturday, November 21, 2020, Change Church, followed through with their largest food distribution event of 2020 in The City of Trenton. Change Church partnered with Feed the Hope, a coalition of churches bringing tangible needs to families who are in the greatest danger due to poverty and pandemic. The two organizations were able to distribute 40,000 pounds of food to the community of Trenton.

From 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Change Church set up six different distribution sights to cater to the entire City of Trenton. Their locations were at Donnely Homes: 875 New Willow Street; Prospect Village: 110 Prospect Street; Unity Square Park (Formerly Columbus Park): Chestnut & Hamilton Avenue; Roger Gardens (Wilson Homes): 5 Eisenhower Avenue; Juan Martinez Memorial Park: 428 Lamberton Street and Farmer’s Market Parking Lot: 427 Greenwood Avenue.

On the same day at the same time, Project M.O.V.E. (Making Our Visions Evident), The Top Ladies of Distinction-Trenton Chapter and Peterson’s Breaking News of Trenton distributed hot meals to residents in the city at Unity Square Park. Adding to the giving atmosphere of the day’s events, the organizations shared the park’s space to provide not only the hot meal offered by Trenton organizations, but the boxes of produce Change Church put together for the city.

At Unity Square Park, community members wrapped around the park in two separate lines. After individuals received their hot meals of chicken, green beans, rice, corn, deserts and more, in to-go containers, they would wait in the second line for Change Church to receive groceries to take home.

Change Church posted to Facebook later that evening saying, “Things may look different this year, but there is so much to be thankful for! Huge THANK YOU to all of our volunteers, we couldn’t have done this without you!”

Line formed in Unity Square Park to receive food boxes
Three Change Church members waiting to distribute food to the next person in line
Woman receives box from Change Church
A prepackaged box of food from Change Church
Change Church members standing with food boxes at Unity Square Park
Change Church members distributes food box to Trenton community member


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