Trenton takes food very seriously– especially when it comes to Chestnut Avenue. While New Jersey’s Capital City has a wide variety of foods across the city, in this particular area surrounding Chestnut, the secret is in the diverse flavors.

From Spanish to American cuisine, the bursting of flavors at the restaurants on Chestnut Avenue are unlimited. Hidden gems that can be found on this street consist of Emilianos, Trenton Steak, China King and Casadeluna, all of which are serving up delicious meals for locals to indulge in.

Just steps away from each other, each restaurant tells a different story through its flavors, and this ensures that no person leaves Chestnut Avenue hungry. This street is infamous based on the sheer variety of choices that it brings in alone. Whether one is craving carne asada from Casadeluna or vegetable LoMein from China King, one can have it all.

Casedeluna offers traditional Venezuelan food to its customers, ranging from popular menu items from arepas to popular juices: “Best arepas and juices in Trenton,” said one customer on a review site. Emilianos offers a variety of different seafood, ranging from calamari to shrimp scampi, with customers saying the food is “very delicious” in reviews.

The beauty of Chestnut Avenue is the location in which locals can grab a quick bite and continue to enjoy the many offerings of the city of Trenton. With the restaurants all in close radius of each other, locals and visitors can experience the culture of the area and the variety of delicious flavors the city of Trenton has to offer.

With the variety of restaurants to choose from on Chestnut Avenue, you can never go wrong with finding something that suits your taste buds. The next time you’re passing through the area or looking for a bite to eat during the day, check out the variety of flavors on this street. There is no doubt that it will not disappoint!

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