The City of Trenton continues to provide local businesses with outdoor dining options. With the newest parklet installation located outside of the Trenton Ice Cream Parlor (TIP) (969 South Broad Street), Trentonians can now enjoy a cool, frozen treat in this warm, summer heat.

This parklet was built for small eateries in Trenton. Another one was installed early last month at the Sunrise Luncheonette, located at 26 South Warren Street.

The parklet project in Trenton is a partnership between The City of Trenton, Isles Inc. and Trenton Downtown Association (TDA). The unified goal is to provide a vibrant, usable public space for Trenton residents to mingle and eat while simultaneously aiding in the economic recovery of the city’s small businesses after the hardships of the pandemic.

Isles Inc. both funded and designed these outdoor spaces. The designs are slim, but spacious, with safety in mind for both the businesses and consumers. The Trenton Downtown Association (TDA) worked closely with The City of Trenton to plan these installations. Both organizations solicited and processed business applications for the parklets, approved the sites and made sure that the neighboring property owners approved.

According to the City of Trenton, a third parklet was recently installed at The Hummingbird Restaurant on29 South Warren Street not long after Trenton Ice Cream Parlor. As the City of Trenton continues to take and review applications, they say Trentonians should prepare to see a fourth installation sooner rather than later.

If you are a business in the downtown Trenton area interested in a parklet, get your application by emailing Eric Maywar at

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