Go, planet; it’s your Earth Day! Celebrations are taking place all over the globe, including in the Capital City, and now’s your opportunity to give back to our community.

On Saturday, April 22nd, join the City of Trenton and the National Junior Tennis League of Trenton for a morning of conservation and community at Cadwalader Park (1000 W. State St., Trenton, NJ). Guests are invited to help clean up and revitalize the gardens at the park’s Parkside and Bellevue Avenue entrances and the Cadwalader Park Junior Tennis Center. The event will occur from 10 am to 12 pm, with registration beginning at 9:45 am. Attendees are encouraged to bring their gardening supplies if available. If you wish to attend, please get in touch with NJTL’s Christopher Liverman, Director of Programs and Communications, at cliverman@njtloftrenton.org to get started. All members of the Trenton community are welcome to participate, so be sure to bring your whole family for a day of service to the community.

By participating in this event, you will join a network of Earth Day volunteers nationwide. Earth Day celebrations are all about connecting with nature and giving back to the planet that we call our home. Since the first celebration took place in 1970, over 50 years ago, advocates and activists have used the day to give back to their community and spark essential conversations regarding how we as a society can better support the preservation and prosperity of our environment. Through just a couple of hours of service, you can also play a part in beautifying our city and uplifting the local ecosystem.

This event is co-sponsored by the NJTL of Trenton and the City of Trenton’s Dept. of Recreation, Natural Resources, and Culture, as well as the Cadwalader Park Alliance. The NJTL of Trenton provides youth in our community with world-class tennis training, personal development, and a safe, fun way to enjoy some athletic fun in the community. Meanwhile, the Dept. of Recreation, Natural Resources, and Culture is responsible for abundant community programming throughout the Trenton community. As organizations committed to the betterment of Trenton and its citizens, we could think of no better hosts for this beautiful event.

Earth Day is a beautiful opportunity to get your hands dirty, celebrate the world around us, and help the ecosystems in our backyard thrive. A day of giving back to the environment can have long-term benefits for the community and may even inspire a pattern of good deeds in your life. We only get one planet, and every one of us can pitch in toward the fight every day. Something as small as picking up a piece of litter or planting a tree can cause a ripple effect, and every effort is a step closer to a happier, healthier earth. So don’t miss the chance to lend a hand in our community; be sure to register today!

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