Dogs and Cats Find Treats in Trenton


The Capital City Farmer’s Market offers patrons of all shapes, sizes, fur colors, and species a wide range of artistic and culinary delights. Humans can grab some fresh fruit or a delicious drink while dogs and cats can break off the leash to grab a new toy from Squeak Wells.

Squeak Wells

Since 2015, Trentonian Michelle Wells has owned and operated Squeak Wells. The business was conceived after she created a toy for her friend’s dog using one of their favorite designs. This eventually led to Wells establishing her own business and giving cats and dogs the opportunity to showcase their favorite movies, video games, and sports team in the form of either a toy or catnip mat.

Whether your pet is a Yankees, Cowboys, or even an Eagles fan, they can celebrate their favorite team. Dogs and Cats can also showcase their love for Super Mario, The Incredibles, or Blank Panther with Squeak Wells’ assortment of prints.

All the products are handmade by Michelle and Ginger, her ten-year-old Pitbull. The company currently offers catnip mats for cats and toys for dogs in small, medium, and large sizes. The dog toys are sturdy enough to resist the teeth of even the most ferocious Giants fan. These products are good enough even for the ritziest poodle but cheap enough for any hound.

To help your pet showcase their team spirit visit Squeak Wells at events throughout the region such as the Punk Rock Flea Market or online at You can also check out more of their unique products at