Notable for their fresh and flavorful carbon chicken, El Chapin is a Guatemalan and Mexican restaurant with two locations in Trenton, New Jersey. Owned by Jose Sanchez, the establishment first opened up in 2010, setting up shop on 802 Lamberton St. Six years later, with business going well, El Chapin then extended its services to a second location, 1206 South Broad St. The reasoning for doing so Sanchez says is to offer a more effective service to the locals.

Dedicated to serving the locals in the best way possible, El Chapin is open every day (Monday through Sunday) from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.. Maintaining the expectation of serving its customers in a high-quality fashion, the restaurant strictly cooks its meats using a carbon grill, cooking the meat thoroughly while adding a hint of smoke to its savory flavor. The use of this technique specifically encaptures the authenticity of the Guatemalan and Mexican heritages, delivering a flavor that is nostalgic to the native lands.

The restaurant’s cultural roots are not only exemplified through the food however, but also through the establishment’s subtle, yet traditional décor. As customers enter they are immediately greeted by the friendly staff and mouthwatering smells luring from the kitchen. At El Chapin, there are often herds of families waiting to order, nonetheless, the staff ensures that every customer is served in a timely manner. Such lines are attracted by the establishment’s signature dishes such as Pollo Asada (roasted chicken), Carbon Tacos, and Pupusas.

Whether you would like to eat in, order for delivery or carry out, every dish is made fresh to order! Be sure to check out El Chapin on their website ( for more information.

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