“Finding Ourselves” in Trenton


On Wednesday March 11th from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m. the “Lets Film” program will be premiering its short film “Finding Ourselves” at the Mill Hill Playhouse on East Front Street, Trenton NJ.

The James R. Halsey Foundation’s “Let’s Film” program affords students the opportunity to participate in comprehensive film classes. These classes teach students all they need to know about creating short films through various hands-on practices.

Jrhfoundation.org states that their films focus on bridging the gap between generations and socioeconomic barriers that exist in today’s society.

Participants of the “Lets Film” program have the opportunity to work closely with local college professors to gain a better understanding of historical perspectives about topics being discussed. In conjunction with this, students will also work with film industry professionals in order to learn the hands-on method of filmmaking all the way from writing scripts, to the final production.

This short film revolves around six high school students who find themselves in detention on a Saturday. The students in detention are required by their teacher to write an apology letter for their actions, and each student has the chance to reflect on their choices. Though this the students discover more about who they are and what is truly important to them in life.

For more information on the “Lets Film” program and the James R. Halsey Foundation, please refer to their website at https://www.jrhfoundation.org.