Millhill Mayor Youth Summer Program Goes Virtual Next Month


Known as a great way for youth living in the city of Trenton to acquire cultivating opportunities and employment, the Millhill Mayor Youth Workforce and Career Training program will go virtual this summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This Trenton-based youth initiative program will be going on its fifth year this summer.

With COVID-19 measures resulting in many unusual difficulties and hardship, this sought after summer youth employment program is the light at the end of the tunnel for many Trenton youth residents. Starting July 6th to August 14th, virtual training will grant youth individuals with significant experiences varying from guest speakers, career presentations, journaling practices, and personalized coaching; all substantial opportunities for youth individuals to gain the skills and expertise needed as young adults.

To enroll, youth individuals must be ages 16 through 21 as well as residents of Trenton. Throughout this program, those who continue adequate attendance and participation during six weeks of training can receive up to $650 for their dedicated commitments.

“We are so excited to provide the youth with this creative virtual training program which features live Zoom sessions, self-paced learning, and career exploration brought directly to our Trenton youth,” said Program Director of Youth Engagement, Michelle Thompkins.

By visiting, interested, and motivated youth individuals can apply and upload their information to be later notified of their selection.

As most events, programs and organizations turn to virtual communication on account of the pandemic, this valuable summer initiative is an exceptional way to continue providing Trenton youth with the stimulating resources, opportunities, and training they need while also maintaining the state’s social distancing protocol.