At the intersection of East Front and South Broad Street lies one of the Capital City’s many gems, Millhill Park. This 2.9 square miles of land serves the recreational needs of residents, visitors, and local workers connecting the downtown to Trenton’s historic Millhill neighborhood.

The park features a large open lawn area and plaza that is the location of several events throughout the year such as the Levitt Amp Concert Series, Capital City Farmers Market, one of Trenton’s Pork Roll Festival, and more.

To cross over the Assunpink Creek you can walk across the Pratt Truss iron bridge constructed in 1888 and take a seat at creek-side amphitheater, stroll along one of the bike paths and pedestrian walkways, and more.

The park is also at the epicenter of the city’s rich history and exciting new development. Along East Front Street sits the Douglass House and the Millhill Playhouse. On the South Broad Street side is the Assunpink Creek, which is undergoing daylighting in order to extend the park and create two more acres of recreational space to make downtown an even more attractive venue for Trentonians and others.

Also, the park is home to historical sites like the Douglass House and the Millhill Playhouse.

The yellow home below is the historic Douglass House, which was used as a headquarters by General George Washington as he plotted the Battle of the Assunpink, also known as the Second Battle of Trenton.

Next to the Douglass House sits the Millhill Playhouse which is currently occupied by Passage Theatre and hosts thought-provoking productions in an intimate setting year-round.

Day or night, Millhill Park is a gem in downtown Trenton for all to see and enjoy. Consider taking a stroll during your lunch break as hundreds do every day. To learn more about Millhill Park visit To check out some of the events happening here, visit Destination Trenton at

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