Minding Our Business: Entrepreneurial Program Kicks-Off on July 13th


If you’re a Middle School or High School student who has dreamed of starting a business, Minding Our Business is commencing its high impact entrepreneurial curriculum beginning on Monday, July 13, 2020. This two week online summer program will give you the basic fundamentals to start and run your own business.

Serial entrepreneur and native Trentonian Kevin Wortham founded his first business as a junior in college. He operated Cigar Nirvana, a production company, and a vending machine company, among others. Today he is a social entrepreneur making an impact in his hometown.

Minding Our Business helped several Trenton born entrepreneurs launch their own businesses such as jewelry designer Sydney Bell, fashion house Manikin LLC., Swans Brothers Cleaning, and Outdoor Fliks. Also, many alumni have gone on to launch their own accounting firms, nonprofits, hair salons, or have even become authors.

Since its 1997 inception at Rider University, the Minding Our Business Program has served more than 5,500 students. To apply and learn more about Minding Our Business, email Kevin Wortham at kevin@minding-our-business.com or call (609) 731-9311.