The National Junior Tennis & Learning of Trenton (NJTLT) has for a long time been a leader in tennis and learning program innovations. This summer was no exception as the team worked tirelessly to bring about upgrades and improve the overall quality of their tennis education. For the first time ever, the team was able to use a tennis ball machine, which had an impact on how students grasped the game of tennis. With the help of the James Kerney Foundation, the NJTLT was able to have a “Playmate Ace Ball Machine” available to those looking to learn how to play the game or enhance the skills they already had.

NJTLT’s summer camp started up on Monday, July 13th, fully integrating the new equipment into their practice. The tennis ball machine was able to throw balls at high speeds and in different patterns which allowed students to learn different tactical situations, have a great cardio workout, and hit more balls during practice time. The new approach not only allowed the students to have a better experience on the court, but it also provided the coach with an opportunity to sit back and observe the players closely; providing instant feedback on technical and tactical decisions.

“Tennis iS a sport that embraces all players, regardless of age, race or religion, gender and sexual orientation or nationality. It is a sport that is built on respect—respect for one another, and for the game itself. It is a sport with a long history of striving for equality and a proven record of trying to level the playing field of opportunity.”

-The National Junior Tennis & Learning of Trenton

Right now, the camps and programs are being held at both Cadwalader Park and Villa Park in Trenton, New Jersey. NJTLT’s mission is to create opportunities for success by enriching the lives of under-resourced youth through innovative tennis, education, and mentoring programs designed to prepare student athletes for the ultimate goal of successful college admissions and career placement.

For more information on how you can sign up for the NJTLT’s various programs, please visit their website at While visiting the organization’s website you can also view the many ways you can donate or help support their mission!

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