New Jersey Realtors is a prominent force for real estate in New Jersey, serving as an advocate for the real estate industry as well as private property owners.

Having moved from Edison, New Jersey, in 2014, an empty piece of land nestled between Hamilton Avenue and South Broad Street, sparked opportunity for the company as they had aspired to relocate in the City of Trenton. Completed in 2016, the new 22,000-square-foot headquarters hones the operations of the NJ Realtors team, as well as exterior companies who rent spaces within the building. Recently, the company has welcomed a new addition and renovation to the building: a brand new state of the art studio.

NJ Realtors CEO Jarrod Grasso breaking in the new studio.

Since January of 2019, New Jersey realtors has been recording and uploading the New Jersey Skinny, a broadcast which presents a recap of the most recent numbers from the real estate market. These broadcasts are uploaded monthly and are approximately five-minutes long. Their next and upcoming broadcast will be a summer-recap, which is set to air in September.

Aside from producing the New Jersey Skinny, NJ Realtors also posts news updates regarding their company and all things real estate. The new studio, gives NJ Realtors the opportunity to expand their monthly broadcasts and updates with the addition of state of the art technology.

The new space is not only exclusively designed to cater to NJ Realtors, however. Other companies and personnel can rent the studio for filming of their own, so as long as they bring a producer that is familiar with the equipment.

NJ Realtor’s new studio is modern, high-tech, a magnificent sight, and the perfect communication tool. With the addition of the studio to the building, the company hopes to broaden their broadcasts and news shows. To watch the New Jersey Skinny, visit For more information regarding NJ Realtors, visit

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