Passage Theatre is renown for its thought provoking and high quality shows engaging audiences and encouraging them to think critically about various social issues. While much of their programming has been geared towards adults, they will be introducing programming that will engage younger audiences as well.

The Real Life Adventures of Jimmy de las Rosas will be performed only the week of November 1st-3rd and tell the story of a young Hispanic boy named Jimmy de las Rosas who has telekinetic powers.

The play is described the by the theatre as:

“Thirteen-year-old Jimmy longs to use his secret telekinetic powers. He just didn’t want his mother’s life to be in danger. As disappearances haunt his neighborhood, Jimmy joins forces with two other super-powered kids to save his mother and unmask a criminal hiding in plain sight.”

This staged reading will engage youth in a thought provoking and entertaining manner. The playwright, Ricardo Gamboa, hopes that youth will leave the play thinking that realizing

That we can change our communities and that we can change our world, we have that power, individually and collectively. I hope people leave feeling empowered to try to create a more just world. I also hope they feel affirmed and seen, that people and communities like them matter.

Those interested in learning more about the playwright’s and director’s thoughts can preview the Postscript Education Guide here.

The Real Life Adventures of Jimmy de las Rosas is a recent installment in Passage Theatre’s educational programming, known as the State Street Project. The project invites youth and adults of all ages and backgrounds to explore, realize, and share their greatest creative potential and the potential of community through the power of expression – onstage, in the classroom, in their neighborhoods, and across the nation. To learn more about the State Street Program and their educational programs click here.

There are still tickets available for the staged reading taking place on Saturday November 3rd as part of Art All Day.

To learn more and purchase tickets visit the link found here.

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