The CURE Insurance Arena is proud to partner with the Seward Johnson Atelier in 2024 by exhibiting two of their renowned sculptures in CURE Insurance Arena in Trenton.

As part of their mission to enrich communities through the power of artwork and education, The Seward Johnson Atelier has participated in a charitable loan of Los Mariachis, a set of bronze sculptures of two mariachi guitarristas, and Out of Sight, two young boys with kites, bronze.

“Our goal is to bring sculptures out into the world that can inspire and encourage connection in people’s lives. With the Los Mariachis and Out of Sight exhibit, we celebrate both the rich, cultural diversity of our  community, as well as the simple joy that entertainment can bring us when we gather with loved ones, young and old. We hope that visitors to CURE Insurance Arena feel inspired and celebrated each time they pass by one of our pieces.” – said Chief Legacy Officer of the Seward Johnson Atelier, Lynn Declemente.

As a registered nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization, The Seward Johnson Atelier relies heavily on generous donations to continue to make a positive difference and enrich more communities around the globe. Other examples of Seward Johnson Atelier sculptures on loan include the powerful WTC Double Check at Ground Zero and the WW2-inspired Embracing Peace both of which celebrate our country’s resilience, commitment to freedom, and shared values.

If you would like to support efforts to continuing to bring sculpture and artwork to in need communities, please consider making a donation in any amount.

Donate to the Seward Johnson Foundation when checking out on for CURE Insurance Arena events or contacting the foundation directly at Seward Johnson Foundation.

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