A little over a year and a half after its opening, the Starbucks in the center of Trenton’s busiest district is making a large impact on the area. The first of its kind to the city of Trenton, the Starbucks provides a convenient coffee stop for all the hustle and bustle of Trenton’s busiest workers. Located at 102 South Warren Street in Trenton, it’s in a seemingly perfect spot downtown for anyone to stop in for a great coffee and more!

The location not only serves as a spot to fulfill our caffeine cravings but has the ability to be much more. Equipped with a large seating area, this provides the perfect area to get important work done, a calm place to study, and a warm environment to catch up with some of your closest friends. You will be greeted by a friendly barista willing to make a coffee any way you can imagine, through the endless choices available on the Starbucks menu. A personalized experience will make your brief time waiting for your order go by very quickly.

This Starbucks has also served as a meeting area for business owners and upper managers alike as they have private meeting rooms available with a full food and coffee service. Allowing for a business meeting dynamic like no other location within the city.

After taking some time to sit an experience the flow of customers in and out of the storefront, it is evident that the residents of Trenton were much overdue for an establishment of this caliber.

Not only is this a place where there is a product for nearly everyone, but it allows many within the community to interact within a safe and friendly environment. It is safe to say that this Starbucks location has found its perfect fit and will be here to stay for time to come. We believe it’s only a matter of time until they begin to appear on every corner.

So, make your way down to 102 South Warren Street and enjoy not only the coffee but the experience. Whether you are a native to the area or are simply passing through, you will find something perfect for yourself and all that you are traveling with.

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