As part its ongoing quest to re-purpose materials and create environmental benefits around the world, Trenton-based international recycling leader TerraCycle has teamed up with Thema Optical, an Italian manufacturer of high-end and custom-made eyewear to launch a new recycling program.

During production of Thema Optical products, some acetate waste is leftover in the manufacturing process. With the help of TerraCycle, Thema will recycle the excess acetate so that it can be processed into sheets and used to make new acetate products.

“Thema is a global company that respects the importance of sustainability and the major role each of us plays as stewards of our Earth,” said Giulia Valmassoi, chief executive officer of Thema Optical’s North America branch. “Partnering with TerraCycle has made it possible to implement this new recycling program in our facility.”

TerraCycle specializes in collecting and re-purposing hard-to-recycle waste through a variety of platforms, including large-scale recycling, which helps manufacturing facilities like Thema recycle large volumes of waste.

“At TerraCycle, our mission has always been to eliminate waste, recycle the unrecyclable and use our innovative business solutions to minimize human impact on the planet,” said TerraCycle CEO Tom Szaky. “It’s through partnerships like the one we enjoy with Thema that allow us to fulfill our objective and help preserve the environment for future generations.”

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