From March 1 to April 13, resident design visionaries TerraCycle® and the Trenton Downtown Association will present Scrapped: A Collection of Upcycled Artwork. Designed to encourage viewers to question their day-to-day lifestyle and their impact on the planet, the exhibit, located at the BSB Gallery in Trenton, curates artwork created entirely from reclaimed materials.

“Creativity and community are at the heart of what we do, so when the Trenton Downtown Association approached us about the chance to showcase the transformative nature of art in the city, we jumped at the opportunity,” said TerraCycle CEO and founder Tom Szaky “From hosting our very first annual graffiti jam 15 years ago to decking out global offices in what many would consider “trash,” Scrapped is in line with our mission to change perspectives and connect people through shared experiences.”

The collection of upcycled art, which includes on-site installations and mixed media pieces of varying scales and styles, illustrates the power of unconventional thoughtand includes works from acclaimed artists Leon Rainbow, Ede Sinkovics, Heemin Moon as well as TerraCycle employees. All the featured art utilizes discarded and otherwise “scrapped” materials including old and broken toys, littered plastic collected off of beaches and shorelines, wine corks and cigarette butts, to name only a few.

Scrapped will debut with an opening reception at the BSB Gallery on Friday, March 1, from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., where TerraCycle will discuss its mission Eliminating the Idea of Waste®, how it has diverted over seven billion pieces of traditionally unrecyclable waste from landfills and unveil a special collaborative work put together by its employees using found materials.

“Over the last decade Trenton has reinvented itself as a budding destination for the arts,” said Tom Gilmour, Executive Director of the Trenton Downtown Association. “Through grant funding generously provided by the George H. and Estelle M. Sands Foundation and Isles, Inc., the Trenton Downtown Association opened the BSB Gallery to support local artist, curate exhibits like Scrapped and act as a platform to recognize all the extraordinary art being created in our Capital City.”

For more information on Scrapped or to learn about upcoming exhibits, please visit, bsbgallery on Facebook or email

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