If you frequent the Statehouse regularly, you know one of the go to spots for lunch is that small deli tucked just behind the corner of North Willow and State Street.

The deli is City Deli and it offers a rather wide menu of just about everything for breakfast and lunch including omelets, pancakes, pasta, pizza, wraps, hoagies, and the largest salad bar in the downtown in their cozy location at 15 N. Willow Street.

From the outside, the deli seems a bit hidden with signage that blends in with the surrounding architecture, but on the inside there are tables nestled between the large salad bar and coffee machines where patrons enjoy breakfast or lunch as they enjoy a picturesque view of Willow and State streets.

The next time you and a group of friends are looking for a spot to grab lunch, but all can’t agree on what to eat, head over to City Deli for a menu that is sure to satisfy all of your taste buds and your wallets.

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