Trenton New Jersey is among the top 10 U.S. real estate markets despite the national slowdown. According to, Trenton has one of the nation’s strongest housing markets “eluding the shifting tides…”

Frank Nothaft, the chief economist at Corelogic, a real estate data firm, was quoted saying: “Even with the deceleration in home price increases … we are still seeing strong home buying in smaller metros that have good affordability and solid job growth.”

Image by Claire Widman depicts 10 skyrocketing metros

Last year, Greater Trenton released a Downtown Trenton residential market study, in conjunction with the Trenton Parking Authority, to determine the market potential and optimum market position for newly-introduced housing units in Downtown Trenton. The study reveals a strong demand for up to 760 housing units in Downtown Trenton over the next 5 years with younger singles and couples representing the largest share of that market at 68 percent.

“Combining Trenton’s affordability and multi-modal transit orientation with its quality of life assets in Downtown Trenton including its riveting history and historic buildings, vibrant arts community, landmark museums, parks, upcoming neighborhoods and more, it’s no wonder why there’s a growing demand for housing here,” said George Sowa, Founding CEO of Greater Trenton.

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