Trenton Cats Rescue Needs Your Help: A Call for Donations and Volunteers


Stray cats: 70 million are in the streets of the United States today, according to estimates from National Geographic. Although the number is not exactly tested, cats multiply much faster than humans, so imagine how fast that number will multiply!

Like many house pets, cats need love and a passionate family. The city of Trenton holds about 14,000 of those stray cats counted for America. As there are many shelters for all different animals, Trenton Cats Rescue focuses solely on caring for stray cats and providing them a home. The organization’s website says it is “providing humane solutions for Trenton’s cats.”

Trenton Cats Rescue is an all-volunteer organization run by three leaders, Karmann Yusishen, Kathy Collins, and Lisa Tusay. This nonprofit organization works to find shelters and homes for cats in need. It raises money to spay and neuter cats and also conducts adoption events for cats in their care. Most of the donation money raised by Trenton Cats Rescue goes toward medical expenses.

Katie, a current volunteer at Trenton Cats Rescue says, “There are about 200 active volunteers. Some of them are foster parents.” Foster parents usually take in cats to allow for more time to get the cats permanently adopted, since they continuously  “give cats a home and more come in,” as Katie explains.

The organization also holds events to get Trenton Cats Rescue’s name on the air and to publicize the organization to Trenton-area residents. “There are bingo nights, car washes, a murder-mystery night, and bus trips,” Katie adds. The volunteers also want to “start a wine tasting fundraiser” in the near future.

There are a variety of opportunities for Trenton residents to volunteer to help Trenton Cats Rescue. Shadowing cats is in order, as it is important to the organization that the non-sociable cats have chances to be adopted, as well. Most importantly, adoption weekends give pet owners and future pet owners the luxury of adding to the family. “We have something called TNR for non-house cats,” Katie says. TNR stands for “Track Neuter Return.” It is a process that non-house cats can go through where they are found, neutered, and put back into the wild. The purpose of this is to stop the stray population from growing. Trenton Cats Rescue does everything it can to follow its mission statement and save as many felines as they can.

The cats currently spending their time at Trenton Cats Rescue are in dire need of loving families. They are patiently waiting for a passionate owners to welcome them into their forever homes. Trenton Cats Rescue holds strongly to their love for cats and takes pride in volunteering their time to get every cat into a home. “There are over 100 cats ready to go,” Katie encourages. Trenton Cats Rescue hosts many events, and the organization strictly relies on volunteers, and encourages you to adopt, or to donate money or time. Volunteer applications and upcoming event dates and donation information can be found on Trenton Cats Rescue’s website. You can also leave a voicemail at 857-228-8696. Don’t let another cat in Trenton go another day without a home or without the care it needs!