With the help of the Trenton Downtown Association, there are some exciting months to come filled with a variety of spectacular events.

This summer, with plenty of different events taking place on a weekly basis, there is no reason to waste the bright sunny days by staying indoors.

Occurring all summer long, having started June 27, 2019, is the Levitt AMP Music Series. This series, presented by the Trenton Downtown Association, provides locals with free concerts every Thursday at Mill Hill Park from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Weather permitting, the Trenton Downtown Association encourages you to bring a blanket or a lawn chair and enjoy the sweet sounds of the live performances while chowing down on delicious food provided by the food vendors in the park. If the weather is not the brightest the evening you plan to attend, don’t fret! In the case of excessive rain or unbearable heat, the Levitt AMP concerts are moved to the Patriots Theatre at the War Memorial located on 1 Memorial Drive, Trenton, New Jersey. Available until September 5th, 2019, these weekly concerts showcase a diverse selection of music such as from the genres of jazz, salsa, and rock.

Also taking place at Mill Hill Park on Thursdays is the Capital City Farmer’s Market. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. each Thursday, the Capital City Farmer’s Market is open to the abundance of hungry locals in search of tasty, wholesome, and fresh foods. The operation of the Farmer’s Market began May 9th, 2019 and will continue to run until October 31st, 2019. Offered at the Farmer’s Market are an array of nutritious and delectable foods such as gourmet salads, local honey, specialty coffee, homemade cheesecakes, and more.

Aside from music and the culinary arts, the Trenton Downtown Association invites you to engage in their new visual arts exhibit at the BSB Gallery. Through August 3rd, 2019, the BSB Gallery will be showcasing The Kitab Series: Jewels of Arabic Calligraphy, An Encounter with the Arts of the Islamic World, featuring a solo exhibition of award winning artist, Mariam Rajput. An illumination of Islamic Art, the exhibit will be open until August 3rd, 2019.

Later on in the year, in December, the Trenton Downtown Association will be hosting its annual Patriot’s Week, a weeklong series of events celebrating Trenton’s significant role within the American Revolution. This jam-packed week will give locals the opportunity to learn about and experience the moments that shaped the nation during December 26th through December 31st back in 1776. Patriots Week will include historical tours, a pub crawl, colonial ball, lectures, battlefield re-enactments, and more.

For more information regarding these splendid events and more, visit http://www.destinationtrenton.com/.

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