Trenton’s Battle Monument


Have you had never noticed the massive ivory pillar with that familiar statue placed atop? Located in the heart of Trenton, this symbol shines out from its surroundings as an impressive piece of craftsmanship. However, one may ask why such an impressive structure was placed here of all places. Due to personal curiosity, the answer was uncovered.

Designed by architect John H. Duncan, this installation is referred to as the Trenton Battle Monument. The fluted pillar and statue stand to commemorate the Battle of Trenton that took place on December 26 in the year 1776. Amid the Revolutionary war, this battle proved to be a crucial victory for the Continental forces and was one step down the road to victory. The installation of the monument is to memorialize the First Battle of Trenton and was conducive to tourism.  Built upon a round pavilion at the base, there are 13 electric lights in a ring that signified the 13 original colonies.  There is also an observation deck which can be accessed by means of an internal elevator. The piece celebrated its dedication ceremony on October 19, 1893 and garnered plenty of tourism back in its heyday.

While the piece receives much less foot-traffic now and the electric elevator is out of commission, the structure still presides over the “Five Points” with an ornate majesty. This location was named such due to the fact that it connects five major streets in the city at a head. Currently the monument is marked under the Trenton Monument Association and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Aside from the Lower Trenton bridge signage, no one ever considers Trenton to be a place with notable history or impressive landmarks. However, upon a closer look one can see that the capital city truly has much to offer. We encourage everyone to take in the old sights that fill the city and visit the Trenton Battle Monument in person.

There will also be a Community Cleanup of the Trenton Battle Monument on Saturday June 8th at 9:00 a.m. All are welcome and equipment will be provided. Light refreshments are also being provided by the Trenton Kiwanis’ Club.