Fire up the TV and grab the popcorn, because one of Trenton’s very own is hitting the screen!

In an exciting win for the community, Trenton resident Mala Wright is starring in the film “Uncle Rufus’ Last Request.” This film follows the tale of the final wish of Uncle Rufus, whose dying desire is to see his family brought back together. Uncle Rufus’ nephew Darius is tasked to unite his brothers in conflict and create a family business together. If Darius is successful in these efforts, the brothers would be rewarded with a large inheritance. The catch? Darius had to convince the family to start the business without them ever knowing of the riches on the line. The film follows a family uniting in times of turmoil, a story we’re sure many can relate to. Mala is cast as Alyssa and is joined by a stellar cast of fellow performers, including Michael Colyar, Omar Gooding, and Bruce Bruce.

We had the opportunity to speak with Mala Wright regarding the film and what the opportunity meant to her. Reflecting on her experience, Mala stated “This opportunity meant a lot to me. I audition a lot. And l usually just do the audition, and l try not to think about it. But when you get a call saying you have it booked, then it is a great feeling. You feel like your hard work is paying off. We shot this film in two weeks. I had about a month to prepare, and about 40 pages to learn. It was challenging, but l stuck with it. There were nights where l got back home at 3 am from filming.”

During her time on set, Mala had the chance to work with some powerhouse performers. Per Wright, “I feel very fortunate to be able to perform and to be around so many talented people. I enjoy the arts, and l have been performing since l was a child. l feel that being able to do this and to share this is an amazing gift. You never know where life and your talents will take you. I have watched the stars of this movie (Omar, Michael, and Bruce) on television, and l never thought l would be sharing scenes with them.”

In discussing what it meant to represent Trenton on such a tremendous scale, Wright stated “As I far as representing Trenton, l just want everyone to know that there is something all us do well.  Every single one of us has a talent. No matter what it is, however, it is up to us to take that and cultivate it. I hope to be an inspiration to anyone who wants to do things and to represent our city in a positive light. I also feel if you have a dream, put the work into it. Never give up and stay focused. Never let anyone steer you away from that. I travel a great deal out of Trenton to do this, but in the end l always come home. Because that’s where the heart is.”

The community could not be prouder of this incredible achievement, and we’re certain Trentonians all across the city will be tuning in to support Mala. If you’d like to see the film for yourself, you can stream it for free on Tubi, linked here: Uncle Rufus’ Last Request – Tubi. If you’d like to learn more about Mala Wright and her impressive resume, you can check out her website here: Mala Wright – Home. Whether it’s on the big screen or right here at home, Mala is making our city proud everywhere they go.

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