Series: Why They Came to Trenton, Why They Stay in Trenton

Featuring: Manely Luxe Signature Salon & Hair Loss Clinic

Manely Luxe Signature Hair Loss Clinic is a private styling suite in Trenton, located at 439 South Broad Street, that promotes healthy hair and skin while also providing a salon experience. While the Hair Loss Clinic is connected to the Signature Salon, each has its own entrance for full discretion. Upon arrival, a full consultation along with a hair and scalp analysis is conducted by certified hair loss practitioner Johnna Hodges Sabree.

“I chose Trenton for my business because I grew up here and I remember how many small owned businesses there were in the city. My grandparents owned businesses here and I had a great deal of pride growing up because of it.” –Johnna Sabree Hodges

“I also like that Trenton is right in the middle of everything. NY, Philly, the shore etc. and I have clients that come from up north and as far south as D.C so I’m easily accessible from the highway and trains.”

“The last reason I chose Trenton is because over the years I saw a lot of people, myself included, move away. I returned because I realized what I brought to Trenton was valuable to my clients and the community. I opened my salon to bring back that pride of small businesses in the community. I wanted to give women a upscale professional atmosphere and services right in Trenton to show that we have great things going on here.”

“What’s good about Trenton for my business is again the location, I attract a lot of businesses from the surrounding cities. Even though Trenton has gotten a bad rep over the years people still know that sometimes you have to come here to get what you are looking for. Also, affordable rent and since the city is so small news travels very fast. It’s very easy to promote especially when you are operating and promoting properly.”

Johnna Sabree Hodges, Manely Luxe Signature Salon & Hair Loss Clinic
439 South Broad Street, Suite 102 |
Phone: 866-425-8562

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