When it comes to the job search, the path to a new position is a marathon, not a sprint. From perfecting your resume to getting connected with the right opportunities for your goals, finding the perfect role for you can certainly come with its own set of challenges. However, by implementing some key strategies and knowing where to look, you’ll be landed in an all-new role in no time. Whether you’re currently on the job hunt or just want to tuck these tips away for a rainy day, it’s always a benefit to stay ahead of the trend in this ever-competitive job market. And if you’re ready to tackle the tips of the trade, the New Jersey State Library has you covered with their upcoming webinar.

On Wednesday, March 6th, the New Jersey State Library invites you to their upcoming webinar, “Project Planning Work Search: A Practical Work Search Methodology”. This engaging afternoon of conversation will walk guests through a number of action-oriented tips to help make your next job search a smooth one. This conversation will be held from 12pm to 1pm on Zoom. The webinar is completely free to attend, but advanced registration is necessary. In order to RSVP, please be certain to complete the Zoom registration form, linked here: Zoom – Register. Your host for the afternoon will be Paul Cecala, a career consultant and expert in the hiring process.

When it comes to securing a new job, there’s a number of factors one needs to take into account before submitting that first application. While entering the hiring space, it’s critical that candidates take inventory of what sorts of companies they’d like to work for, what sort of timeline they’d like to find a job in, and what sorts of roles they’d best see themselves thriving in. This webinar will walk prospective jobseekers through each phase of the process, including scoping out your search, identifying the milestones, developing clear benchmarks and measurable metrics, setting a flexible but realistic timeline, and a dashboard to share. By the conclusion of this conversation, you’ll be ready to hop onto the job boards and into your new career in no time.

Paul Cecala is a certified Global Career Development Facilitator, work search author, and founder of Cecala Career Consultants. Since his got his start in 1999, Mr. Cecala has worked with thousands of jobseekers, from college grads to C-suite executives. With a proven track record of project planning the perfect job search, Mr. Cecala is best known for his empathetic listening skills and rigorous systems for securing the perfect role. Paul holds his BS in Psychology from Florida Institute of Technology. He has published a book and numerous articles on career coaching in a variety of publications. You can read more about Mr. Cecala and Cecala Career Consultants by visiting their website, linked here: Cecala Career Consultants.

For more information on this and other webinars coming up at the New Jersey State Library, please visit their events calendar, linked here: Events – NJSL. Likewise, if you have any questions or would like any assistance getting enrolled for the upcoming discussion, please contact the NJSL team at (609) 278-2640 for further assistance. Don’t let your job search get you down, be certain to enroll today for these need to know tips.

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