In a city of various restaurants, many which serve similar types of food, it’s easy to miss out on the best ones. Guatemalan, Mexican, and other Hispanic restaurants have been opening and expanding in the city of Trenton, providing delicious meals to those who wish to remember their homeland and others who, despite not being brought up on such cuisine, still enjoy flavorful dishes.

Though all serve delicious food in locations spread throughout the city, the attention you’ll find at 501 Morris Avenue will surely make you feel pleased.

Carlos Lopez, owner of Tikal Restaurant & Lounge, says that he prioritizes his customers’ needs above anything else. He says, “I had been in this country for 18 years, my wife and I would go out to eat but we never found a nice family restaurant.” The problem with the restaurants that he frequented was the nonexistent separation between dining spaces and the restaurants’ bars.

Lopez, who has his own construction company says, “Me nació invertir para la cuida, y la comunidad. Quería proveer un lugar donde todos se sintieran cómodos.” Translated, he says that it was born in him to invest in the city and the community, he wanted to provide a place where everyone could feel comfortable.

Thus, on March 2, 2017, Carlos Lopez, who is originally from Guatemala, and his wife Alba Paz, who is from Honduras, opened Tikal Restaurant & Lounge, which offers a family restaurant on top of the full bar located on the first floor.

Lopez and Paz are proud of the business they are running. They are highly recommended among the community and they offer something for everyone. From typical Guatemalan dishes to sandwiches and burgers, among many other entrées, also serving natural fruit beverages, and desserts. Some popular dishes include Churrasco Tikal, Sopa de Marisco, Sopa de Gallina, and Tacos.

Churrasco Tikal (Grilled beef and fried pork)
Left: Sopa de Marisco (Seafood Soup) Right: Sopa de Gallina (Hen Soup)
Tikal Restaurant offers tacos with different meats: al pastor (marinated pork,) asada (grilled beef,) pollo (chicken,) chorizo (sausage,) lengua (cow tongue,) mixtos (mixed,) pescado (fish,) and camarones (shrimp.)

Make sure to visit the restaurant or the bar. The location is open every day (except Wednesday,) from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m.

“It’s clean and ample.” says Lopez about the beautiful location available for your next event.

Go have a meal or a drink, and even if you can’t make it, order delivery, but of all the restaurants in Trenton, Tikal is one you must try.

Call them at (609) 218-6804

Follow their Facebook, Tikal Restaurant & Lounge, their posts will have you craving their food all day, every day.

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