If a young person in your life has dreams of Capitol Hill in their future, the New Jersey Youth Council is just the opportunity for them!

For the future legislator in your life, the inaugural New Jersey Youth Legislative Council provides a wonderful opportunity to get hands-on experience with New Jersey’s Legislature. The council will be appointing 40 youth between 15-23 years old across each legislative district. One person per district will be chosen. To be eligible, applicants must have resided in New Jersey for at least 15 years prior to applying. People of all backgrounds and academic disciplines are encouraged to apply. If you wish to be considered for the position, please submit your application ASAP – all appointments must be made by January 8th, 2023. Councilmembers will be appointed by their district’s three legislators (one Senator and two Assembly members). Once appointed, chosen individuals will be expected to serve a term of two years.

For local residents looking to get started, please contact the office of Assemblywoman Verlina Reynolds-Jackson at (609) 571-9638 or online here: Contact – NJ Legislature. Appointed individuals will serve as a council to the NJ Legislature. They will have the opportunity to have their voices heard on a variety of critical matters, including civics education, gun violence, the environment, youth services and safety, and more. Throughout their time on the council, appointed youth will be expected to conduct research and make policy recommendations regarding some of the most pressing issues of our time. The appointed youth be an advisory to all committees, commissions, and task forces of the Legislature. As a body, the council will voice the opinions, concerns, and needs of New Jersey Youth.

The NJ Youth Legislative Council was announced in January 2022 after a unanimous, bipartisan vote in the New Jersey Legislature. The goal of the council was to give youth a more meaningful role in influencing policy throughout the Garden State. Youth will have the opportunity to engage with the democratic process, while simultaneously leveraging meaningful influence over the affairs of our state’s legislative body. With a Legislature that better represents all of our state’s residents, we all stand to benefit from this important program.

If you or a loved one are interested in applying, please be sure to contact your district’s representative as soon as possible. Our society is always made better when everyone has a seat at the table, and we can’t wait to see how the next generation shapes the future of New Jersey.

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