With the unfortunate cancellation of their seasonal closing performance (featuring music from Vivaldi with Lorenzo Mazzamuto) in mid-March due to COVID-19, the Capital Philharmonic of New Jersey is looking forward to what 2021 holds in store for them. The orchestra hopes that the new year will finally bring our society out of the darkness, and that their music can be a beacon of light that gives us hope for a return to normalcy.

The orchestra stated that the Vivaldi performance, which was supposedly rescheduled for September 12th, 2020, will not be performed in front of a live audience. Rather, there are discussions taking place to decide whether the orchestra would be better off recording their music and then having it broadcasted on WWFM. More details surrounding the Vivaldi performance will be announced at a later date.

Moving on to October, their Opening Night performance has been canceled with the hope that the music being played (a reprise of The Dream of America) can be used during the orchestra’s 2021/2022 season. With the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic still holding the United States firmly in its grasp, it is unfortunately hard to predict what will be available to the public within the next six months.

The Capital Philharmonic of New Jersey’s New Year’s Eve celebration (which has become a tradition) is still on as planned and has yet to be rescheduled or canceled as of this time. Looking optimistically into the future, the Capital Philharmonic is planning for a series of concerts which will start sometime in 2021. Kicking things off for the 2021 season will be an exciting concert version of Porgy & Bess featuring Keith Spencer.

The orchestra stated in an online update that, in March of 2021, they are planning a program All About Animals with Saint-Saens The Carnival of the Animals, along with Flight of the Bumblebee and music of Leroy Anderson and Henry Mancini. In April will be a concert featuring the music of John Williams with guest saxophonist Johnathan Wintringham (which was unfortunately canceled last spring).

A special concert is currently being planned for May of 2021, which will act as a “worthy antidote” to the trials and tribulations of 2020, so please be on the lookout for more exciting details regarding the aforementioned concert on the organization’s website https://www.capitalphilharmonic.org.

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