The Trenton Puerto Rican Community & Friends Organization announced the return of its Puerto Rican parade to Trenton, happening on August 6, 2023, beginning at noon on Lalor Street and Centre Street. The Parade will travel from Centre Street to South Broad Street and culminate with a Mill Hill Park festival from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

¡Oye Mi Canto! (Hear My Song!)

Desde el canto de la naturaleza cómo el coquí a las notas musicales que forman La Clave, al canto de las voces activistas de nuestra gente, este tema celebra los varios cantos melodiosos de la isla que nos hacen sentir vivo!

From nature songs like el coquí to musical notes that form La Clave, to the calls of activist voices of nuestra gente, this theme celebrates the various songs that make our island melodious and alive.

For more information on sponsorships and vending opportunities, please email or visit Trenton Puerto Rican Community and Friends Organization- Pagina Interactiva | Facebook.

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