The epic concert “Pioneer Songs” is coming to the grand stage of Patriots Theater at the Trenton War Memorial on November 10th.  The event is part of an effort by Westminster College and the Patriots Arts Coalition to help catalyze an arts & culture revival in Trenton.

An emotionally-charged 15-song concert, Pioneer Songs will take you on a 2,000 mile musical journey as you re-live and “feel” history through the power of symphony. Five gifted soloist singers will recount the story with their beautiful voices as a blockbuster 100-person choir intensifies the power of the experience. The story transports you back to 1841 as the first wagon train ventures from the American frontier through the desolate prairie, treacherous mountains, and unforgiving desert in the quest to reach California and the promise of a better life.

The all-original score was composed and is performed by the Westminster Conservatory of Music under the baton of Conductor and Music Director Ruth Ochs from Princeton University’s Music Faculty. The 150 stellar performing artists are headlined by international superstar soprano Carla Maffioletti, who was the lead soprano for André Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra – peaking at $96 million in a single year on tour and selling over 30 million DVDs/CDs of their many concerts performed together over a decade.

In addition to a fabulous night of entertainment, attending the Pioneer Songs concert intensifies your “human purpose” in three powerful ways:

  • You are helping support and preserve the wonderful community music programs offered for children and adults through the Westminster Conservatory of Music
  • You are re-igniting interest in Patriots Theater at the War Memorial in Trenton, and helping revitalize the cultural scene by supporting purposeful, powerful, and relevant performance events like Pioneer Songs
  • You help set a precedent for re-living and “feeling” history through the power of symphonic music and song, making learning more engaging and progressive while connecting children and parents alike to the pioneering spirit of America

Come to the grand Patriots Theater on November 10th to experience a delightfully unique entertainment highlight of your year, and invigorate your pioneering spirit!

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