Join the Pennsylvania Greenway for their second of three great walks that are scheduled as mobile workshops as part of the Mid-Atlantic Greenways and Trails Summit in Philadelphia on April 6th. Full walking schedule below:

Walk along a newly connected segment of the East Coast Greenway through Bucks County, Pennsylvania. This 14-mile walk through Lower Bucks County and Trenton along the Delaware Canal and East Coast Greenway will take you through Revolutionary battle locations in Trenton, past General Washington’s headquarters in Morrisville, past the nation’s largest single-developer town of Levittown that pioneered suburban planning, and all about post-industrial Bristol as it undergoes just its latest economic shift and rebirth. Sample local cuisine. Get to know Robert Morris, perhaps the most undersung of our founding fathers. We will also pass the local hop where the “kids in Bristol were sharp as a pistol,” inspiring the 1960s song, The Bristol Stomp.

Arrive by 1:15 p.m. in front of the Reading headhouse Jefferson Station entrance at 12th and Market (next to Hard Rock) in Philadelphia or by 2:30 p.m. in Bristol. The first three miles are a walking loop of historic Bristol. Four miles in, there will be a stop for a down-home Pennsylvania snack break at the Bristol Amish Market with Pennsylvania Dutch food and all kinds of amazing goodies. Cheesesteaks, hoagies and fast food are available in Morrisville.

Starting at Bristol Station and ending at the Trenton Transit Center, the walk will include bus and rail service back to Bristol and Bucks County. Walkers coming from NJ and NY can transfer smoothly from NJTransit to SEPTA by simply crossing the platform to the waiting train in Trenton with about a 10 minute layover. Bristol Station marks the end of the Delaware Canal and is about a 10 minute SEPTA rail ride from Trenton, about 30 minutes from Center City, Philadelphia. Bus and train connection to both Trenton and Bristol are present along the route in Levittown and Morrisville.

Multiple food options are available within the station in Trenton.

Walk Highlights include: Mill Street, Bristol Wharf, Radcliffe Street, Bristol Amish Market, Delaware Canal, Falls Township Community Park, Levittown, Historic Fallsington, Summserseat, Morrisville levee / Trenton skyline, Old Barracks, NJ Capitol, and Mill Hill Park.

For more information check out the event here.

The event is organized by Freewalkers which is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that offers events, information, & networking educating the public on the benefit of walking. They organize events and provide information designed to encourage the practice of walking. Their group is free and open to everyone. They encourage each member to accomplish challenging goals as they work together, experience, and promote pro-pedestrian issues.

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