The City of Trenton will receive $73.8 Million in direct Federal Aid, representing the third largest allocation of funds in the Garden State behind only Newark and Jersey City, as part of the Biden Administration’s American Rescue Plan. The funding is significant as it represents one third of the City’s annual budget. As part of this funding initiative, Trenton Mayor W. Reed Gusciora will assemble a committee of city officials, policy experts, and community leaders to evaluate upcoming projects that will take advantage of this substantial federal aid coming to Trenton over the next year.

“Throughout the pandemic, we’ve taken advantage of every funding source we could to provide free testing for Trenton residents, offer emergency loans to support local businesses, hire critical first responders, and launch new online platforms to ensure remote access to essential services,” said Mayor Gusciora. “Imagine what we can do with nearly $74 million in funds dedicated to helping communities like ours get back on our feet. We’re grateful for the Biden Administration and our congressional delegation in securing these funds for the Capital City. We want to make sure every penny brings the maximum possible benefit to our residents, and this added expertise will help us get started as soon as we receive the funds and more guidance from the U.S. Treasury.”

The Trenton American Rescue Plan Advisory Committee will include the following:

  • Chair: Brenda Ross-Dulan, President and CEO, The Ross Dulan Group
  • Brandon McKoy, President of N.J. Policy Perspective
  • Marge Caldwell-Wilson, City Council Vice President
  • Elvin Montero, Director of Communications, Chemistry Council of New Jersey
  • Jeannine LaRue, Senior Vice President of the Kaufman Zita Group
  • Kelly Ingram, I Am Trenton
  • Adam E. Cruz, Business Administrator
  • Dr. Adela M. Ames-Lopez, Director of Health and Human Services
  • Maria Richardson, Director of Recreation, Natural Resources, and Culture
  • Wahab A. Onitiri, Director of Public Works
  • Andre McNair, owner of Octobers Vintage in Trenton
  • Shereyl Snider, UrbanPromise Trenton

“Thanks to the Biden administration and congressional delegation for providing this critical financing – and congratulations to Mayor Gusciora and City Council for securing this allocation of funds,” said Greater Trenton Chief Executive Officer George Sowa. “These funds will be used to lift the city from the grips of the Pandemic and improve the lives of residents and businesses throughout the city.”

“We applaud Brenda Ross-Dulan, Vice Chair of Greater Trenton’s Advisory Committee, for serving as Chair of The Trenton American Rescue Plan Advisory Committee and leading efforts to best utilize the $73.8 million,” added Sowa. “We also recognize Jeannine LaRue, who serves on Greater Trenton’s Advisory Committee, and applaud her participation along with all members of the Trenton American Rescue Plan Advisory Committee.”

The $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan contains $360 billion in state and local aid to help employ essential workers, assist struggling families and small businesses, and make critical infrastructure investments. U.S. Treasury guidance outlining specific allowable expenditures is still pending.

The State of New Jersey will receive approximately $6.4 billion plus another $189 million to expand broadband internet across the state. Each of the 21 county governments will split $1.8 billion, with another $1.7 billion divided among all 565 cities and municipalities.

Trenton is due to receive $73.8 million of that aid, with the first half arriving within 60 days of the bill being signed into law. The other half will arrive within the next 12 months.

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