Sometimes, all we need is a helping hand in the path to transform our lives. When times are tough and we aren’t sure where to turn, the right resource can be all it takes to turn our luck around. When our communities take the time to lift one another up, that is where true progress can begin. And at the Trenton Community Resource Clinic, organizations from throughout the Garden State showed up to help forge a stronger Capital City for all.

On Friday, March 15th, leaders, representatives, and dozens of eager attendees gathered in the heart of Trenton for the Trenton Community Resource Clinic. The clinic was presented by The Father Center of New Jersey, with additional support provided by Mercer County, The State of New Jersey, the US House of Representatives, and the IRS’s Taxpayer Advocate Service. The day’s events kicked off with some inspiring words courtesy of Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman, a NJ Representative and long-time advocate for the Trenton community. Guests also had the opportunity to hear from Randall E. Toby, The Father Center’s Community Outreach and Training Manager, Bryan Evans, the newly-appointed CEO of The Father Center of New Jersey, and Mayor of Trenton, Reed Gusciora.

At the clinic, guests had the opportunity to connect with representatives from over forty different employers, trainers, and social services providers. From engaging employment opportunities to details on how to enroll for vital social services, organization representatives worked alongside clients to answer any questions and get constituents connected with some truly life-changing resources. The clinic opened its doors to those from all walks of life, with a special emphasis on uplifting the most vulnerable populations, including military veterans as well as those on parole, probation, or reentry. A powerful stepping stone to brighter days ahead, this wonderful afternoon of community and connection will continue to impact lives in the months and years to come.

In her remarks, Congresswoman Coleman noted, “This is a really great event here today, and I am so encouraged to see all of the people here to provide services and resources to our great, fair city.” Encouraging the day’s guests, Ms. Coleman emphasized “Please know that we’re here. Because we have an obligation to be of service. So please avail yourself to all of the services that are here. And to every organization and agency that has taken the time to be here today, God bless you and thank you, you make a difference.”

Trenton Daily had the opportunity to speak to Randall E. Toby regarding this exciting event and what it means for the population they serve. Discussing how this dynamic afternoon came to be, Mr. Toby noted “Being a native New Yorker who was a business owner, and had done corporate sales working for nonprofits, I approached this the way I approach things for myself. I went to barbershops, I went to restaurants, I went to Starbucks and handed flyers to people.” Continuing, he said “Because we have so many partnerships, I pulled each partner up and asked them to share the information. So it was a team effort.”

Reflecting on the most rewarding part of this process, Mr. Toby shared “There are two things. One is working with a great group of people at The Father Center who are passionate about what they do. The second thing is seeing the look in a man’s eye when he can buy something for his son, or he came out of prison, and he now has a job.” Regarding what he hopes attendees take away from the afternoon, he said “To have somebody be encouraged and know that no matter what they went through, it’s not too late to do better. And that there are people in this community that are here to serve.”

In addition to the day’s clinic, The Father Center of New Jersey also offers a number of year-round services to help men in Trenton and beyond. For those seeking services, Mr. Toby noted “They should come to The Father Center. We only serve men, but we have other community partners. We can help them with everything, including clothing for job interviewees, getting national certified trainings free of charge, we can help them with parenting classes. We also do haircuts for men that are going for job interviews, and we’re about to launch some new trainings for 2024.”

This event is presented by The Father Center of New Jersey, an innovative community organization which has been serving the Garden State for over 160 years. The Father Center prides itself on providing fathers with the emotional, social, and economic resources needed to not only improve their own lives, but the lives of their children and families. From stress and anger management to computer skills programs and more, there are countless resources on hand to help fathers face the challenges of parenthood. The Father Center of NJ remains devoted to dads in the belief that when fathers and families thrive, the whole community stands to benefit.

For more information regarding The Father Center of New Jersey and the services available to the community, please visit their website, linked here: The Father Center – Home. If you are interested in supporting their instrumental work, The Father Center of New Jersey is always seeking volunteers and donations to keep the momentum moving forward. The Trenton Community Resource Clinic has no doubt changed lives, and we cannot wait to see what opportunities come about as a result of this remarkable outreach.

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