Art is a powerful medium: it can tell a story, present an argument, and invite viewers to participate in dialogues regarding some of our civilization’s most pressing matters. For April Cooper, one of the latest artists to be featured at Artworks Trenton, work presents a robust conversation surrounding the profound impact Black culture has had on society. Cooper’s artwork is an erudite display of culture and discussion, so stay tuned to find out how you can enjoy some of her masterpieces right here in Trenton.

From Tuesday, May 2nd through Saturday, June 3rd, Artworks Trenton will host April Cooper’s latest exhibition, “A Stolen Aesthetic.” This unique collection will be featured in the Artworks’ Community Gallery at 19 Everett Alley, Trenton, NJ 08611. All are invited to the opening reception to celebrate this collection, scheduled for Friday, May 5th, from 6 to 8 pm. “A Stolen Aesthetic” challenges the viewer to recognize the popular aesthetics stolen from black culture. “It’s important to me to see representation,” states Cooper, “and to give credit to the originators. From hairstyles to hoop earrings, this body of work shines a light on the community that started the hype”.

April Cooper, featured artist, with one of her paintings

As an artist based here in the Capital City, April Cooper creates art centered around black culture. She finds that black culture is portrayed negatively in movies and media. In opposition to this portrayal, April’s art showcases black culture as a positive experience or gathering, a proud belief of self-worth, and a relatable nostalgic culture. In her community, she sees this black culture, and it is reflected in her art. Additionally, April uses her social media accounts to expand her ever-growing audience and create dialogue about her works, discussing the history and meaning behind each piece.

As an artist with a story to tell, April’s artwork, in addition to being visually stunning, reveals a profound narrative of the intersection between Black culture and social justice. Through her creations, Cooper highlights aspects of Black culture that have been the subject of denigration and scrutiny while simultaneously being praised when co-opted by their white counterparts. She utilizes this dichotomy as a catalyst to call attention to and celebrate the countless aspects of Black culture that enrich society daily. If you’d like to read more about April Cooper and check out some of her artwork, visit her website here: Home – April Cooper.

This exhibit is brought to you by Artworks Trenton, a guiding force in the Trenton arts and culture community. Throughout the year, Artworks is responsible for producing several exhibits, arts education, and community events that enrich the lives of art enthusiasts in Trenton and beyond. In addition, artworks continue to make the fine arts enjoyable and accessible to audiences of all ages, making them an invaluable resource in our community. You can read more regarding all Artworks has to offer on their website here: Home – Artworks.

Cooper’s latest exhibit will cause a conversation, so do not miss your opportunity to witness this compelling collection of art. If you have any questions before attending, please get in touch with Artworks at or (609) 394-9436. “A Stolen Aesthetic” will steal your attention, so be sure to swing by this captivating exhibit!

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