The sky lights up, sharp streaks of lightning permeate the skylines, buildings and houses rumble beneath, torrential rain turns Virginia Avenue into an extension of the Delaware River. Yet, the buildings stand safe, unaffected by the lighting, thanks to B&B Lightning Protection.

Since 2011 B&B Lightning Protection has been protecting military, commercial, and residential properties from hazardous lightning strikes from their headquarters on Virginia Avenue. Founders Ben Christenson and Ben Sutton hail from the Trenton area and previously worked at a lightning protection firm. After a few years they decided to break off and start their own lightning protection in Trenton. They came across the then vacant property on Virginia Avenue and wanted to make it useful.

Since their inception the company has covered the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions by serving clients from Boston, to Pittsburgh, and all the way to Virginia. Most of their business is done via contracts with military, commercial, and residential properties such as new construction projects or to add onto existing properties.

The business is proud to operate in Trenton and to employ Trentonians. They currently have over 20 employees including seven separate teams of installers comprised of two individuals each. While some think that they can just grab a kit of Amazon for lightning protection installation lightning protection is a detailed science with codes and regulations, however those who install these systems get compensated well. The installers get paid prevailing wage and some make upwards of $80,000 per year. Young Trentonians hitting the job market should definitely consider lightning protection installation as a potential career path.

To learn more about B&B Lightning Protection visit them online at or give them a call at 1-609-392-1929.

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