Many of us have heard the famous phrase coined by Cultural Anthropologist, Author, and Speaker Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Lorri Ackerman, along with a team of local businesswomen are making sure positive change continues to happen in their community through an ingenious nonprofit founded in 2019 entitled 100 Women Bridging Hope! This organization is made up of a group of caring women from both Mercer and Bucks counties who together offer financial support to local charities and neighbors. This group’s ultimate goal is to have a direct financial impact within the community by bringing help to those in need.

Lorri Ackerman, the brainchild of 100 Women Bridging Hope came up with the idea for the agency when she visited a friend in Beaufort, South Carolina who was involved in a similar organization with national reach. Lorri’s organization now has 80 members with a goal to reach and exceed 100 members! To join as a member all you have to do to qualify is to be a woman who is ready to contribute $100 each quarter, ($400 per year).

Recently, on a cold winter day in Trenton, Lorri and a few of the 100 Women Bridging Hope presented Karen Andrade-Mims, the Executive Director of The Father Center of New Jersey with multiple checks totaling $7,200. Lorri stated “We are unique in our ‘grassroots’ approach. Members do not need to attend meetings if they don’t have time. They will just send in their donations. The members bring names of charities they want to help to the group’s attention, and then we vote at our meetings which one should receive the donation for that quarter. It inspires members to go out into their community and find nonprofits in need, linking everyone with the needs of their local community. Every penny donated goes directly to the organization, there is no overhead or administrative costs.”

Karen Andrade-Mims stated “100 Women Bridging Hope is an amazing group of women who care about their community and who are in touch with the specific needs of the frontline agencies and their challenges throughout this pandemic. All of us at The Father Center of NJ are grateful to Lorri Ackerman and her mighty crew of change-makers! Thank you to all of the members who braved the weather to come out and take part in the check presentation, to include: Carol Yandle, Trish Herlan, Dr. Janet Rosenzweig
Jeanne Faber, Co-Founder, Keller Arnold, Deb Cusman and Lorri Ackerman, Founder.”

Women interested in joining 100 Women Bridging Hope can fill out the contact page on the agency’s website at:

To find out more about The Father Center of NJ, visit the agency’s website at: The Father Center’s website.

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