Strike up the band and get ready for a show, because the Capital Philharmonic is officially back with their 2023-2024 season!

Trenton’s premier professional orchestra is back with an impressive lineup of performances for their upcoming season. Offering a mix of both classic and contemporary selections, any fan of performance art is certain to be captivated by this series of shows. In addition to their main stage performances, the Capital Philharmonic will also be returning with a series of chamber concerts, empowering their performers and audiences to enjoy a broader range of classical music in the Capital City. A true treat for music lovers near and far, this year’s series of concerts is certain to please.

All performances are held in a number of iconic venues throughout Trenton, including Patriots Theater, the Mill Hill Playhouse, and more. On the main stage, the Capital Philharmonic will be tackling a rigorous and remarkable series of performances, including:

  • “Pictures At An Exhibition” by Mussorgsky (Oct. 21st, 7:30 @ Patriots Theater): featuring Rachmaninoff’s PIANO CONCERTO No. 3 with soloist Maja Rajkovic, piano, as well as 10 local artists in collaboration with Artworks Trenton. Reception to follow after the performance.
  • “L’histoire du Soldat” by Stravinsky (Dec. 2nd, 3:00pm and 7:30pm @ the Mill Hill Playhouse)
  • “Don Juan” by Richard Strauss (Dec. 31st, 8:30pm @ Patriots Theater): This concert will feature a world premiere by composer John Dickson and Richard Strauss’s DON JUAN, followed by Johann Strauss, Gershwin and Richard Rogers. After the performance, guests are invited on-stage for a champagne reception commemorating the CPNJ’s 10th Anniversary!
  • “Petrushka” by Stravinsky (Mar. 16th, 7:30pm @ Patriots Theater): featuring Seven O’Clock Shout by Valerie Coleman and Philip Glass’ Violin Concerto No.1 performed by Grammy Award winner Yvonne Lam.
  • “Ballet Mecanique” by George Antheil (Apr. 20th, 7:30pm @ Roebling Machine Shop): in collaboration with the Trenton Circus Squad, this performance will feature “Ballet Mecanique” by Trenton’s own George Antheil. Other pieces will include selections by Daniel Spalding, John Cage, Lou Harrison and J.S. Bach.
  • “Peter and the Wolf” by Serge Prokofiev (May 12th, 3:00pm @ the NJ State Museum): A Mother’s Day concert for families including, Peter and the Wolf by Prokofiev, The Barber of Seville (Overture) by Rossini, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik by Mozart and a concerto performance by the Mary G. Roebling Youth Concerto competition winner.

A full list of details, tickets, and more about the main stage performances can be found here: Main Stage – CPNJ. You can also check out a full overview of this year’s chamber concerts here: Chamber Concerts – CPNJ.

The Capital Philharmonic of New Jersey plays a fundamental role in the arts and culture community of the Capital City. Since their founding in 2013, the CPNJ has fought tirelessly to establish Trenton as a cultural destination, playing a fundamental part in the economic renaissance of the community. Now celebrating their 10th year, the CPNJ proudly plays a fundamental role in the preservation of the region’s classical music heritage. Research indicates that arts and culture can markedly improve public safety, civic pride, and a sense of community. The CPNJ continues to enrich our community each and every day, and we cannot wait to see what marvels this next season will bring.

If you’d like to read more about the Capital Philharmonic and all that lies ahead for the upcoming season, you can explore their website here: CPNJ. If you have any questions, please contact the CPNJ at or 609-200-0443 for additional details. The CPNJ’s 10th year is certain to be its best yet, so be sure to secure your tickets today!

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