Case’s Pork Roll has produced the quintessential New Jersey deli meat for over 100 years. George Washington Case began selling pork roll from his farm in Belle Bead in the 1870s. He minced, smoked and cured the pork, then packaged it in corn husks. The sixth generation of Cases still uses George’s recipe, curing the meat with hickory chips and infusing it with a secret blend of special seasonings. Pork roll’s signature cylindrical shape makes it easy to prepare by slicing without removal from the casing. The Case family moved their pork roll business to Trenton in the 1930s.

“We’re here to stay,” says Tom Dolan, Case Pork Roll’s president. “You can eat pork roll on everything from breakfast sandwiches to burgers. My favorite is the Thunder Dog: pork roll with a hotdog.”

Case’s has sponsored the Trenton Thunder minor league baseball team for over 10 years. Through the 2018 season, Trenton Thunder rebranded itself as the Thunder Pork Roll on Friday nights.

Case’s did over $11 million in volume in 2017, and is continuing to grow. There is no retail store, but Case’s Pork Roll can be purchased in diners, grocery stores, school cafeterias and wholesale stores across New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, and New York. For more information, go to:


Case’s Pork Roll
644 Washington St.
Trenton, New Jersey
(800) 839-PORK

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