Attention all friends of felines! If you’re on the hunt for a fun and unique way to help the kitties in your community, Trenton Cats Rescue is here with just the opportunity for you.

On Wednesday, March 8th, Trenton Cats Rescue will be collaborating with the Trenton Tattoo Co. for “Cattoo Day” From 12-7 pm, Trenton Tattoo Co. will provide guests with $40 cat-related tattoos. This is a cash-only event; all proceeds will benefit Trenton Cats Rescue. To participate, you must be at least 18 years or older and have a physical ID available. Accepted forms of ID include your passport, proper state ID, or driver’s license. Photos of IDs will not be accepted.

There is a selection of tattoos available for this fundraiser. Please note that you must select one of the pre-determined flash sheets designscipate. No other designs will be included as a part of the fundraiser. You can view all the available options and select by visiting the Trenton Cats Rescue Facebook page, linked here: T.C.R. – Cattoo Day.

All proceeds from this event will benefit Trenton Cats Rescue, an all-volunteer, foster-based animal shelter in the Trenton community. Since 2012, they have been providing the city’s cats with a variety of vital services, including:

  • Humane, non-lethal methods of free-roaming cat population management in the City of Trenton (Trap-Neuter-Return)
  • Caring for the adoptable cats of Trenton and removing cats from the shelter system whenever possible
  • Conduct adoption events to place shelter and foster cats into permanent homes;
  • Increase public awareness about resources available for homeless and needy cats, especially sterilization services.
  • Provide financial assistance where possible for spay and neuter services.

These services ensure that as many cats as possible are kept off the streets and placed in safe, loving homes. For the free-roaming cats that cannot be adopted, humane methods like trap-neuter-release help ensure that the feral population does not continue to grow. Their abundance of resources benefits both humans and felines alike, and your support during Cattoo Day will help further those efforts.

If you’re curious about other ways to get involved with Trenton Cats Rescue, volunteer fosters and more are always in demand. For example, suppose you’d be interested in adopting one of Trenton’s fine felines. In that case, additional details are available here: Adopt – T.C.R. Likewise, if you’re interested in volunteering, information on how you can make a difference is linked here: Volunteer – T.C.R. If you have a heart for cats and have the time to spare, your presence will make all the difference for Trenton’s feline community.

If you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get a “cattoo” for a cause, swing by Trenton Tattoo Company this March 8th. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how you can get involved with Trenton Cats Rescue, please feel free to contact them here: Contact Us – T.C.R. With your new ink, you’re sure to be the cat’s meow, so don’t miss the chance to be a part of Cattoo Day!

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