Earth Day is right around the corner, and if you haven’t already scheduled your celebrations, it’s almost time for the planet!

You and your family are invited to the Trenton City Museum, where an afternoon of mindfulness and merriment awaits. On Saturday, April 22nd, the Trenton City Museum will host its Earth Day gathering. The day’s events will kick off with an 11 am mindfulness session, followed by a walk through the stunning Cadwalader Park at noon.

This community gathering is a wonderful opportunity to unwind after a long week, connect with the earth around you, and celebrate our home planet with the community. Water and snacks will be provided throughout the day to keep attendees happy and hydrated. This event is sponsored by the Trenton Building Initiative for a Better Environment, alongside the live podcast show Freestyle with Djenaba. Love offerings will be accepted if you wish to show your support for the museum and these efforts.

The morning’s mindfulness session allows attendees to reflect on the earth’s importance and relationship with it. As the adage goes, there is no “planet B,” and Earth Day is the perfect time to appreciate just how lucky we are to call this place our home. After completing the mindfulness session, attendees will convene for a community walk through the park. The nature walk will allow guests to spend some time in nature, learn more about the fascinating local ecosystems, and connect with the earth around them in a meaningful and connective way.

By offering this programming, the Trenton City Museum hopes to foster an appreciation and stewardship toward uplifting the planet in our community. Connection with the earth enables a sense of responsibility and care, empowering everyone to do their part to keep it healthy and thriving. In addition to strengthening each attendee’s connection with the world around them, this event is also a great chance to meet and connect with like-minded community members. The Trenton City Museum would like to emphasize that this event is open to individuals from all walks of life, and all are encouraged to attend.

This event is hosted by the Trenton City Museum, located at the heart of Cadwalader Park. As idyllic on the outside, as it is internally, the Ellarslie Mansion is home to great memorabilia, artifacts, and more, highlighting the fascinating history of the Capital City. As the region’s only museum solely devoted to the history of Trenton, the museum boasts a distinct collection of the cultural, historical, and artistic history that has shaped this community. You can read more about the museum’s collections, events, and more by visiting their website here: Home – TCM.

Earth Day only comes around once a year, but celebrations can set the tone for how we help our planet every day. If you have any questions before attending, please contact the Trenton City Museum at (609) 989-1191 or, and the TCM team will be available to assist. A greener, more sustainable future is in your hands, so don’t miss the chance to get inspired at the Trenton City Museum.

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