In one of the most historic districts in Trenton, near The Rescue Mission of Trenton, sits one of Trenton’s small exhibits for the summer. Its singular artist sits on the side of the ladder where the paint cans usually go, flanked by two of her photographs. Soft jazz plays in the background.

Felicia V. Bland, known as Fee Fee, smiles and laughs as she talks about her craft, only to stop to offer refreshments. “I have a 10-part series. I took these pictures in 2019 and a variety of sites in Trenton,” Fee Fee said.

The photos she is talking about are from her Downtown T Town Photography Series. They are landscape photos of the City of Trenton printed in black and white, broken into various shapes. “So I just kind of took the pictures, broke it up to give it a little, you know, excitement,” Fee Fee added.

Her passion for photography began when she was in high school. “I used to take photography as a kid. So when I went to high school, I got on the yearbook staff, took pictures, and then college yearbook staff to pictures,” said Fee Fee. For a while, there was a randomness to her work. “I just took random pictures of things, and then one of my friends, Doc Long…told me I should submit it to a gallery.”

She submitted her photos to different Mercer County Photography Galleries. After that watershed moment, everything changed. “Ever since then, I’ve been submitting stuff and exhibiting and, you know, printing out things in a professional way,” Fee Fee said.

As you look at the two different pictures, Fee Fee won’t tell you the story or what she thinks about her art.

“I don’t even want to put a definition on it. I have my own definition, but everybody has a different interpretation of it…I can tell you the story. But when you look at it, you make it into a different interpretation. And that’s your right, because that’s what art is supposed to provoke,” Fee Fee said.

It is for those that look at the art and see what they want to see.

“We don’t have Van Gogh at staring night. Tell us why did you do it this way? We just stand there and watch and like, wow, this is amazing.”

Anyone who stops by will get, bubbles, Italian Ice, and a free copy of her newest book, Never Give Up! (Pop URBAN 18) Photography Book, which holds a poem throughout the pages weaving the reader on a journey never to give up. It is for those artists who have been knocked down.

“It is about understanding that failing is the act of learning, it is not an indication for you to stop when you fail at something. It’s a process like scientists. You have to just continue to do,” Fee Fee said.

You can find Fee Fees small art gallery right Next To Southard Park, at 15-19 Southard & Ewing Street, Trenton, NJ 08609, she will be there every Saturday until September.

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