With February now upon us, Black History Month celebrations are officially underway! The City of Trenton is no exception and has a calendar full of exciting activities for the community.

Throughout February, the City of Trenton will offer residents two beautiful ways to celebrate Black History Month. First, through February, guests are welcome to visit the City Hall atrium for a Displays of African-American History exhibit. Guests can see the show daily from 8:30 am through 4:30 pm. The gallery will feature a variety of displays relating to Black history, including Black arts, music, theater, and more. All residents are welcome to see City Hall’s stunning atrium transformed to celebrate Black history all month long.

In addition to this informative display, City Hall will host a pop-up shop highlighting Trenton’s many entrepreneurs. The City of Trenton is home to many small businesses, many of which are owned by Black entrepreneurs. To help the community further support Trenton’s many Black-owned businesses, City Hall will host markets on Friday, February 3rd, and Friday, February 17th. These markets will be held from 4:00 pm through 7:00 pm. So if you’re on the hunt for some unique goods and wares and want to support Trenton’s entrepreneurs while you’re at it, City Hall’s pop-up shop is the place to be!

The month’s events are part of Trenton’s acknowledgment of Black History Month. Since its founding in 1915, Black History Month has allowed Americans to celebrate the African-American community’s triumphs, struggles, and tenacity. In 1976, President Gerald Ford officially recognized Black History Month, and the month-long celebration has been recognized by all proceeding Presidents, regardless of the political party, ever since. Although we can and should celebrate Black history all year round, February is a unique opportunity to uplift and observe all the African-American community has endured and overcome throughout our nation’s history.

The City of Trenton’s Department of Recreation, Natural Resources, and Culture sponsored these beautiful events, headed by Director Maria Richardson. Throughout the year, this department provides Trenton residents with various recreational, cultural, and community events. In addition to these activities, the department is tasked with maintaining our city’s natural resources, parks, trees, and open spaces. From basketball leagues to movies under the stars, the City of Trenton continues to provide its residents with meaningful opportunities for enrichment and connection. If you’d like to read more about all the department has to offer, additional information is available here: Dept. of Rec., Nat. Res., and Culture – Home.

With celebrations happening all over town, Black History Month will surely be one for the books. If you have any questions before the events, please get in touch with the Department of Recreation, Natural Resources, and Culture at (609) 989-3369 for additional details. So whether you come out to enjoy the displays at City Hall or peruse some of the beautiful Trenton-owned businesses in the pop-up shop, may we all take a moment this February to truly appreciate the meaning behind this historic month.

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