When the businesses we know and love are given the support they need, our entire community is uplifted. The notion that small businesses are the backbone of our economy is not just a catchy phrase. These small businesses employ families, stimulate our economy, and make our city a destination for visitors. The City of Trenton has committed to making the Capital City a great place to be an entrepreneur. The owners of One Up, One Down Coffee, and SLOW Art Studios are the latest beneficiaries to seize this support.

On Wednesday, February 15th, community members gathered to witness the presentation of a $5,500 grant to the owners of One Up, One Down Coffee and SLOW Art Studios, located at 750 Cass Street, Trenton, NJ 08611. After brief remarks from the Mayor of Trenton, Reed Gusciora, the grant was presented to SLOW Art Studio owners Lauren Otis and Andrew Wilkinson. The City of Trenton provided this funding to the owners to provide critical improvements to the building, including replacing the roof.

Funding for this grant was allocated through The Trenton Business Improvement Incentive, which offers gifts of up to 50% of total project cost, contribution to not exceed $20,000, to businesses operating within retail space that are planning to make building improvements, with a minimum project cost of $5,000. This program aims to help existing and incoming businesses prosper in Trenton by providing incentives to improve and expand. These grants are a significant investment in the entrepreneurial community, making our city a wonderful place to open up a business.

During the grant presentation, Mayor Gusciora noted, “We’re here celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit. The city has assisted One Up, One Down Coffee in the Capital City with some repairs from the Trenton Business Improvement Incentive. We’re excited to spread the wealth around the city, and it’s especially demonstrable that businesses are also reinvesting in the city. We want to come to the table and help them with that and let the economy prosper in the Capital City.”

While accepting the grant, co-owner Lauren Otis stated, “I would like to say thank you to the Mayor and the City of Trenton for the funding, which made the difference and enabled us to get this building’s roof up to snuff and to ensure that an already-iconic Trenton business, One Up, One Down, and our art studios upstairs can go forward in a way that we can serve the City of Trenton.”

One Up, One Down Coffee is a fan-favorite coffee roastery and café in Trenton. Their goal is to offer high-quality specialty coffee in a down-to-earth setting. In addition to a fantastic cup of coffee, One Up, One Down also serves baked goods, merchandise, and more in a beautiful but unpretentious setting. Up the stairs, you’ll find SLOW Art studios, a space for art and creation. Under one (newly renovated!) roof, you can grab a coffee, get creative, and enjoy the day in one of Trenton’s hippest spots.

Thanks to the Trenton Business Incentive Initiative, this well-loved business can keep the roof over its head. Our city’s businesses invest in our community every day, and now the city is returning the love. So whether you’re in the market for a coffee or a blank canvas, the businesses housed at 750 Cass St. are sure to please. If you’re a business owner curious about all the City of Trenton has to offer, please get in touch with the Division of Economic Development at 609-989-3509 for additional details on how to get started.

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