Renting is a reality for thousands of Americans. About 36% of Americans rent their homes. Access to safe, quality housing is crucial to a community’s well-being, and rental properties are often more accessible for families to keep a roof over their heads. However, the tenant/landlord relationship can often be a complicated one. When dealing with an issue as pressing and personal as housing, tensions can no doubt run high. However, with the right resources, tools, and conduits in place, both renters and property owners alike can come to a more agreeable solution. To help facilitate a stronger tenant/landlord relationship, the City of Trenton has officially announced the reestablishment of Trenton’s Rent Stabilization Board – and they need your help to do it!

If you want to make Trenton a better place to call home, you can apply for the City’s Rent Stabilization Board. At this time, the City of Trenton is seeking two landlords who own property in the City, two residents of Trenton who are current renters, and three residents of Trenton who are neither rents nor landlords. Those who are interested in applying may send a resume and cover letter expressing interest in sitting on the Board as a tenant, landlord, or general citizen to the mayor’s office at

Per Mayor Gusciora, “Residents have rightfully expressed concerns about deteriorating conditions of properties and fear of unaffordable rent increases. We’ve done great work so far on renovating and removing blighted properties throughout the City; now, we must help to improve the relationship between landlords and tenants. Reestablishing the Rent Stabilization Board will help act as a conduit between landlords, tenants, general citizens, and the City.”

Per the City, as a member of the Rent Stabilization Board, appointed individuals will be responsible for studying local problems and issues relating to landlord-tenant relations, supplying information to the public, and occasionally advising the Mayor and City Council from or as requested on any such case as it may concern the conduct of the City government. The Board will be tasked with establishing reasonable rules for conducting its own business, including the election of its officers. It shall recommend to the Mayor and City Council rules, regulations, and ordinances necessary and desirable to complete business.

If you have any questions or want to learn more before submitting your application, please get in touch with the City of Trenton at This is a tremendous opportunity to serve countless residents and neighbors throughout the City, so do not miss your chance to participate in this important initiative.


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