Typically, the City starts plowing when snowfall reaches four inches. Trenton residents are required to move their vehicles from snow-emergency routes as required by City Ordinance 14-2.10. Alternative parking is available at public school parking lots for the duration of the storm. For a list of snow routes and available parking lots, visit www.trentonnj.org/snow.

Residents should sign up for the City’s Emergency Broadcast System to receive updates on when to move their cars to the school parking lots, when to return them to the street and whether trash collection will be cancelled, among other important information:

While the city will send robocalls and text alerts before plowing begins, residents are encouraged to move their vehicles off snow routes before it starts snowing.

Trenton police officers will also drive through neighborhoods and use their public address systems to remind residents to move their vehicles before plowing begins. Residents who do not comply will have their vehicles towed at their expense.

Residents whose vehicles are towed can contact the Trenton Police Department non-emergency telephone number at (609) 989-4170. Vehicles left in public school parking lots beyond the Monday deadline may also be towed. Residents must use the designated school lots for alternative parking. Vehicles parked at City parks will be towed.

Warming centers are available at 89 Ewing Street and 100 Carroll Street. Transportation is available for residents who need it. Call (609) 695-1436 for more information and (609) 989-3460 to arrange transportation. Masks are available and social distancing will be enforced. The Rescue Mission located at 98 Carroll Street is also open 24 hours a day but can only accommodate single individuals.

The City also reminds residents to keep the following numbers nearby during the storm:

  • Tenants who have no heat and cannot reach their landlord should call (609) 989-3560 and leave a message. An inspector from the City’s Department of Inspections will return their call.
  • Residents that need emergency assistance should dial 911. Residents that need non-emergency assistance can reach the Trenton Police Department at (609) 989-4170.
  • Power outages should be reported to PSE&G at 1-800-436-PSEG.
  • Downed trees, flooding, and other weather-related damage should be reported to the Office of Emergency Management at (609) 989-4200.

For Snow Routes and Alternative Parking Alerts, visit www.trentonnj.org/snow

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