Formerly known as the Trenton Conservatory of Music, a school dedicated to the teaching of music, the recently renewed Trenton Conservatory Mansion has been re-opened for thirteen years and remains a true gem in the city. Carrying the lustrous legacy of its original establishment, the Trenton Conservatory Mansion remains as one of the city’s local nooks for the preservation of culture and arts.

A must-see attraction, the Trenton Conservatory Mansion gleams with its 8,000 square foot facility comprised of a music studio, concert hall, and outdoor pavilion available to the public, artists, and other groups for a multitude of events.

Located at 540 East State Street, The Conservatory Mansion is currently home to various arts organizations and businesses such as Projects Unlimited, LLC; the Thomas Grice Academy of Music; Beyond Expectations; Good Company; FS Media; and C.O.M.P.A.S (the Conservatory of Music and Performing Arts Society).

Currently, at the mansion, you’ll find line dance lessons with instructor Randi Oneal, cha-cha, two-step and bop lessons taught by dance instructor and choreographer “El”, and Thomas A Grice Music Academy music lessons being offered on various days of the week. There are also multiple events lined up that are to be hosted at the mansion for the remainder of 2019. You can call (609) 858-2279 for more information.

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